Sunday, August 7, 2011

127 yard sale day 3: Albany-Crossville

Welcome to Tennessee!
 (Native American-wolf butter churner??  not this time)

(i am still hitting myself for taking a picture of this but NOT BUYING it!)

Saturday was a big shopping day-I bascialy went though my "allowance" and i have yet to visit my favorite vendors (all on the last stretch on Sunday, especially my very favorite vendor)-at least i know now much i SHOULD bring next year.
Met an overly-excited born-again Christian who insisted on giving me a "diploma" and 3 stones (2 with Jesus and 1 red one for his blood?)...very nice but then wanted a hug...sorry but it is WAY too hot and sweaty outside for that, i won't even grab my guys hand! But before i could say no, he was in full embrace-oh well!

While on the trip i have been doing a little personal shopping for a few people. This is something we are definitely going to do for next year (why not make a small business out of our vacation)! Working on the deets and will posting something in the wrap-up about it.
Here are some of the things i picked up for the people who wanted items:
(my friend Karen for her ice cream shop MotherMoo Creamery)

(for my friend Amy-the levels are for me)

(using this at the shop)

(ice block grabber-thingie...ROCKS!)

(this one house had AMAZING finds, we got a ton of stuff-coming up on a Good Food post!!)

Tip #3: Northern TN on 127 DOES NOT have reception for several hours.  No calls, no internet, no GPS...nada so plan accordingly.

it was nice to see familiar vendors and how their operations were growing-many had added tents, more BBQ stations, just over more-congrats on growing!!
(this vendor added an area where she was boiling soap on site!)

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Karen said...

First of all, I love the hands-on, on-the-spot soap making demo. How cool is that?

Second, I actually just inherited one of those paper cutters from my 96-year-old neighbor, and I'll be using it at my shop too!

Third, I'm really envious about the ice pickers.

And fourth, I'm surprised the born-again didn't ask you to church. I once sold a dryer when we moved from Tennessee to LA and the buyer said he would only purchase it if I went to church with him. I took a pass and sold it to the next guy.

Long live humidity!