Monday, August 1, 2011

pre-127 yard sale: how to outfit your car for a massive drive

(currently driving though The Rez)
No, i didn't abandon my blog! Everyday for the past few months i have been feeling horrible about not posting, but the past 3 months have been incredibly busy...a little too busy. Not only have i had my usual Road Less Traveled/jam sales/Patchwork Craft Fairs, but for the past 4 month i have been working on the first ever LA Eat Real Festival.  Remember last year i flew out to Oakland to talk about kimchi?? Well, I was hired as the Event Manager for LA, and there went any free time that I had- I wasn't even at the shop the last 8 weeks-it has been nuts/awesome/exhausing in so many words.  More on that next week though.

The real point of me starting up with the blog again, and in particular on this day is because:
it's 127 yard sale time again!!!
Yes, as i write this post we are making our way to Kentucky to shop at the largest yard sale in the country.  This time around we brought a flip camera to do videos, i am going to take more pictures of the wacky signs and i am going to blog about the trip there and coming back.

How are we able to do this, and work on the various other things that i am a little behind on?? We have outfitted our car (or rather Gustavo's parents SUV) into a mini snack bar/DJ booth and office! By stocking some quality snacks and multiple things to occupy us, we are able to pull 12-17 hour treks without going crazy or eating tons of gas station food.
(the carffice- front seat was electronics, back seat the galley)

THE LONG HAUL CAR TRIP (trips with small kids would probably not find this the best resource)
  • inverter: we use this one and powered all electronic devices around the clock (it has been super worth it, we use it in the VW all the time)
  • zip ties/ twisty-ties: something to organize all of the damn wires or you will go crazy, tape, scissors some basic office items (the tape is great for taping papers up on the dashboard to increase the sqft-age of your "desk"
  • tethering: the whole reason I can work on the go was because we had an internet connection (sometimes slow-but SO MUCH BETTER than nothing!) via the smart phone.
  • SIRUS: Howard Stern, non-stop 80's music, no commercials, tons of stations-what are you waiting for!
  • laptop desk: helps for organization and keeping the hot laptop off your legs.
  • baby/sanitation wipes & paper towels: clean your hands, feet or face before you eat or whenever you are getting that nasty travel grim going on.
  • a few large paper grocery bags: just start a trash bag as soon as you turn on the engine
  • The Complete Book of Questions: there is always a conversation that comes from this book.
  • Food: lots of fruit, hummus/pita, cheeses, cured meats, breads and a good mustard.  Your can easily make a sandwich using the top of your cooler as your counter. I also made orzo salad prepackaged in plastic containers (with roasted tomatoes, feta and pepper flakes). of course drinks!
  • food tools: bottle/wine opener (i always find myself buying these when we stop!), a small cutting board, spreader/cheese/sm bread knife, eating utensils, bring a large mason jar with a plastic lid for the coffee stops too.
  • driving: leave as early as possible (we left @ 3am), you will make great time and avoid all the traffic...and cruise control makes life easier.
(first purchase: a turquoise necklace and some sweet leather hair ties!)
Tomorrow's post: the stops for the trip and the shopping list


Caitlin said...

Loving so many things about this: carffice, baby wipes for your feet! and your new hair ties. Have a safe trip!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to leave room for local produce! Ky offers abundant homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, and incredible Casey Co. cantelopes right now! Look for farm stands in the Lawrenceburg to Liberty stretch of 127. Local churches often have sandwiches, burgers, and baked goods, too.

Umbrellas can sub for parasols, useful when the heat index is 100+.
Bring bug spray and sunscreen. A fanny pack is easiest and safest for quick access to your $$$. String bags are great for toting smaller purchases around the fields where many dealers set up.

Freeze bottled water and add to your cooler to sub for ice. Stick a washcloth in the cooler, too - very nice to have on hand. Make use of decent "facilities" any time you encounter them. Enclosed shoes are best for mud, large gravel, etc.

Scattered t/storms are forecast for Wednesday afternoon; better on Thursday. Vendors are already setting up or in place along Ky's stretch of 127, as of Aug. 2.

Oh, yes, those big lumpy roundish rocks you'll see for sale around Junction City?? They're not just rocks - they're quartz-crystal-lined Kentucky geodes! Nature's surprise packages...

Have fun - I'm enjoying your blog, and looking forward to hitting 127 tomorrow. Just leave a few treasures for me!

Susan in Ky
127 Sale Veteran of Many Years

delilah said...

hi Susan!
LOVE all of your advice (forgot about the produce, we bought honey last year), and we had amazing pie at a church in KY-hope they have it again!
We are just leaving OK right now and will start in Frankfurt Thursday...i have to say the people of KY and TN have been incredible and my favorite part of this trip-very worth the drive :)
let me know what you pick up and happy shopping!

By: Elsa said...

Keep posting! I love hearing about your trip and your purchases. Glad you and G have the time to road trip and "relax" away from work (although I know you both work 24/7/365). Love you guys and can't wait to see all your guys' finds.