Monday, August 8, 2011

127 yard sale day 4: Crossville-Chattanooga

The final day of 127 for us it a 60 mile drive to Chattanooga. During this part of the trip, there are 5 places that i like to stop. But if i had to/running out of $$, there are 2 main places to do business. This is what we did on our finally day.
 (the car is officially max-out!)

1. My favorite vendor: we had a few short stops, but really i didnt want to spend any money when i knew that we were getting close to my very favorite vendor on 127-Buck Creek Antiques. I keep forgetting where exactly Buck Creek sets up shop, but i know it from sight so i guess that is the most important thing (we are thinking close to Pikeville).
Every year, i have written about Buck Creek Antiques and just how lovely their displays are.  Unlike most of the booths along 127, Buck Creek is not super cluttered or a mishmash of whatevers. These are carefully selected items that have been cleaned, oiled and cared for and set for presentation...treasures are laid on Native American/Mexican blankets and textiles that compliment the colors and story behind each of the items. Not to mention their prices are incredible and they are so friendly-worth the drive.
(an OLD bullet extractor-right below the rolling pin)

(a beautiful tool box with a worn leather handle)

(Buck Creak also carries a select amount to photographs-i LOVED these)

(all sorts of beautiful spurs, axes and knives-very Western in theme)

(tool box, 2 Pepsi boxes, mule shears, scale, kettle holder, cast iron muffin tray and a few other goodies)
2. The second place that we like to go to is at the tail-end of our trip. This part is a little of a windy/curvy drive so if you have folks that get car sick, then you might want to go around this. The Signal Hill area of TN has one big area with about 50 booths and hitting this area on Sunday is perfect: vendors do not want to load up on heavy/bulky items and there is such a great selection that you can score some pretty good deals. Bad thing: you are running out of money and pretty much over the heat, humidity and general being out in the sun for hours on end.
Over the years we have been building up on cute bar items and with the new couch (in a coming post) left us a space to create a bar area in the living room. One thing i have been looking for is a bar cart.  This last location we found a perfect one in this Martha Washington sewing table. It was in excellent shape with deep containers on each side for booze or tall items. I guess it was a big thing in the 1920's...we got an incredible deal!
(we also scored a peanut barrel with the price!)

The guy we bought it from was taking a ton of pictures of us-he couldn't believe that we were from California and we were coming out "for THIS??"...taking pictures of our car loaded up with stuff-he thought we were funny. 
This is by far the most I have ever had on one trip and I am already planning on more for next i write this post, we are heading into Memphis on the I-40 and back to California...meanwhile i am doing an inventory list and back to work.

In a few hours i will post about the preserves, personal shopping/tips and my favorite signs from 127.  i will also post an image of everything out of the car when we unload-should be interesting to see how much we actually fit in here!


Karen said...

If I knew you were going to Chattanooga I would have told you to go to Way Crazy's BBQ. The best BBQ in my humble opinion. Of course, I also would have told you to go to 8 Clearview Drive, the first home that Matt and I rented as a married couple ($450 month for a two-bedroom home). It was located on Missionary Ridge. I have fond memories; Matt remembers it as a place he never wants to go back to...

Chad said...

Sadly, WayCrazy's BBQ has been closed for a long time, but all is not lost.

You should also check out
for an affordable place to stay the next time your out this way.