Saturday, August 6, 2011

127 yard sale day 2: Danville- Albany

I have to say, we are incredibly thankful for the thunderstorms that have been hitting this area b/c it has been taking off a bit of the heat here. Instead of wearing a parka inside a cardboard box in a sauna, we are now in a cardboard box in a sauna...yes it gets that bad!
The 127 yard sale is essentially a weekend, but because it is so large (now over 700 miles) there are people setting up way earlier in the week-even the week before. Friday is now closing the week of shopping!
Tip #2: be prepared for some serious deals starting the actual weekend and even more on Sunday (people DO NOT want to load up a crap-load of stuff after a long weekend-see the above reason why-the heat!)
(this was a HUGE indoor set-up that we went to last year in KY also!)

One thing we have been looking forward to are the Mennonite peeps that are concentrated on the Southern KY part of 127. Forgive my total ignorance, but from what i can tell (and some google help) Mennonites are like the Amish but drive cars and are a little more techno-savvy but you can tell they are private pretty private (but you get this very peaceful way about them-and pretty cool)!
Southern KY has a few areas where you can visit Mennonites and hopefully buy their crafts..last year we bought woven hats and a few baskets- but this year, the one farm we visited has a small blacksmith area where i kind of had a Menno-crush on the group working the booth-bought some iron hooks and a black walnut block, baskets and pies (more to come on that again).

Let me just say that this is the last year we will be going without a trailer.  The more that I do this adventure, the more i see where to go, who to buy from and what prices are deals!  On our way home i will talk more on the deal part, it really is an art and takes a few years to really understand-but for now...
(a malt milk shaker: didnt know they even existed!!)

 (got my blue Ball Jar deal of the weekend-bought over 20!)
(this awesome min-pie deal for mera-mera Evan Kleiman)

My favorite thing about the yard sale are the signs...i have a number of them that will be a separate post in itself!!


Karen Klemens said...

You are having way too much fun. I love your finds, especially those blue Ball jars. Check out those lids!

delilah said...

KK: you are spot on!! one of those lids is a pinche glass lid-UBER sweet!
can't wait to show you your goods-i want to make a trip to MotherMoo and help you out on your grand voyage into shopkeeping!-xoxox

Karen Klemens said...

Excellent! You are more than welcome to come -- I'm waiting for you. I have PLENTY of space to have some creative fun. XXOO