Friday, August 5, 2011

127 yard sale day 1: Frankfort-Danville

Besides the fact that we love Kentucky (friendly people, beautiful drive and great shopping), we started our adventure in Frankfort for 2 reasons: Rick's White Light Diner & ummm must i say-BOURBON COUNTRY?!?!  Bourbon Country and all things booze on 127 will be my next post, but for now let's talk the obvious...
(time to wake up to go shopping!!)

Last year, while doing a Yelp! search, we happened upon this tiny, eclectic diner with an incredible owner.  Little did we know, that around that time, Guy Fieri (of the uber-popular Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) had recently visited this 15-seat eatery and hence the triple-business after-Rick's is smokin'!
(Rick tellin' it like it is)

We arrived right at 9AM, right when they open and i must say that is the BEST time. Not only do you get to have an amazing breakfast in peace (Cajun Omelette-YUM!), but you can interact with the owner-Rick Paul who is just as delicious is his dishes. Rick's personality is served not only on his plates (all local, sustainable, takes great pride in buying as a source of change), but the diner itself is a total reflection of what you will be getting (Taxi Driver posters mixed with political books, maps, funny stickers, family photos and all things proud of your home).
(why the Oyster Po Boy is pricey-pinche BP!)

After partaking in some AMAZING Bourbon Pie (check out KCRW's Good Food Blog about that), we had many a chuckle with Rick's "if you eat seafood from China, then f-off" and "i hope you don't mind the f-ing cursing...everyone does it so calm the f- down". I can't help but adore this business...the small business is really at war with the Wal-$#its and Sam's Crap...they make up so much of the area we have been through and as a small business owner I will go out of my way to make sure that i can send more people to Rick's-VIVA LA SMALL BUSINESS (i kind of like that saying)!!
So off we went the short stretch to Danville and bought a few goodies on the way:
(cast iron twin bed-heavy as hell but super cute!)

(old-school ironing board)
TIP #1: if you find something a little expensive (like that cute bed), try to find a few other things to buy and negotiate a deal (i ended up buying the ironing board and several wooden mallets and scored a deal for everything).
(i also got this squirrel glass container for a nice price!)
(loved this trash bin-our new recycling container at the Apartment Homestead)


Granny said...

I covet that iron bed. It's something I'd have just had to buy even if I had to strap it on top of my car. (that's what bungee cords are for)

I found your blog this morning and love your style of writing.

delilah said...

granny: i totally agree on that bed...i have no idea how i am going to use it but it was too cute to pass up!
thank you so much for reading :)