Friday, November 21, 2008

women's conference booth-check it out!

here are a few images from the Women's Conference in Long Beach. I guess while i was in the restroom the Governator was taking pix in front of it! just my luck that i would miss it. i must say that we had one of the better booths-especially since we where competing with people like GM, Target, and other big-timers.
(the rug from Union 18 really make the space!)(side view-we used our moving material as added decor)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ok i know i said a few days

so as you can tell i have dropped off the face of the blogging planet.

been wanting to post more but there have been so many things happening since Slow Food Nation that i have been, well, overwhelmed.

- in the retail world, yes it is the holiday season and i have been prepping for that.

-as you know, i have been in the middle of a remodel….it has really wiped me out.

-my niece Nicole of random nicole has moved in, meaning i have had to move out of the “original store” and yes that is the remodel part of it. part 1 of it.

- i am also changing residence….i am finally moving to SA

which brings me to really evaluate my life. i am currently moving a 3 bd townhouse in Irvine with a yard (with a ton of crap in it) into a small, quaint, beautiful 1 bd apt near the store…basically 4 rooms (a bd, ba, living and kitch) from 7 plus a yard a 2 car garage filled with STUFF.

i have been inspired not only to change my blog as a result of the move and Slow Food, but to really encompass what it is to live small and with very little.

PS does anyone need a fridge (great condition, 2 yr old 22 cuft for 250) or a LARGE dining room table with leaves that can seat almost 20 (150)…let me know if you are interested…there are other things too!

this change in my life is leading me to do this new blog in which i will talk about affordable, small and natural living, working and especially eating!