Thursday, August 11, 2011

a short stop in New Mexico part 2- A tale of 2 chiles

(welcome to Chimayo...)
(and Hatch!)

Our second day in New Mexico was all about heat, and I am not talking the weather. I have been really looking forward to getting my hands on the amazing chiles of New Mexico for Backyard in a Jar The Hatch chile items were uber-popular last year and let's face it, heat is a big thing and sells well.
The first part of our day was spent heading up north to Chimayo a small village north of Santa Fe. Known for textiles & chiles, it is also a place known for miracles.
The main part of Chimayo consists of a some shops, places to eat, holy areas for prayer/ceremonies, a few chili stands and 2 churches that are worth the drive up itself...i have never seen anything like this-truly beautiful. The interior of one of them, the Chaple of Santo Nino de Atocha was like a Spring garden inside with floating banners of peace, joy, love....branches with ceramic flowers and birds...INCREDIBLE to see in person.
(unfortunately photography was not allowed in either place-you will have to go see inside yourself)
 (can you believe this door!)

(got several bags of these...coming soon to you!)

(we also bought this beautiful ristra for my mother whose birthday was on the 10th)

Of course you cannot think "New Mexico chile" and not think Hatch...named after the tiny town in southern New Mexico that grows this hot and popular chile...anyone from this state knows this before they know anything else. Fortunately for us, the time we happened to be in Hatch is right when the harvest begins...we loaded up on over 200# of fresh, dried and powdered varieties of this pepper.
(trying ristras on the spot-she was a little shy)

(a few peppers drying in the sun)

(roasting for a couple from La Puente...i might want to pick one of these up next year)

I focused on green powders from Chimayo and red for sure to look for these and some other canned goodies in the next month!
Our vacation is almost over....

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