Sunday, August 8, 2010

127 yard sale day 4: Crossville-Nashville

Today was the final day of shopping on Route 127 and boy were the deals hoppin'!  Last year, my mother and i didn't shop the last day, we didnt have any room in the luggage and we had to spend the whole day driving to Birmingham to make our plane back home.

(next year we are doing the wish list on the car!)

We missed out last year, there are some serious deals!  At every fair that we stopped at there were at least 2 vendors that were pulling the 50% off sales for the last final hours-time to move fast!

The whole time i have been also looking for this one particular vendor that i bought an old book (now worth $300) and a gorgeous rolling pin from-best rolling pin that i have seen on this trip and the last.  We ended up finding them at one of our last stops and i had a long talk with Buck Creek Antiques. This time i got their card, where on the bottom  said, "When you love what you're doing~ it shows"- I love this booth because out of everyone else i have seen-this vendor has incredible merchandising and you can just tell that they really takes care of the items-no rust or dirt on a single thing! Of course we bought stuff!

There were also a few other things that even now, not even 24 hours later i wish i picked up: old canning tools including a few pot racks that i actually needed, 2 beautiful copper laddels and a PERFECT lime green kettle, with a filer and paper filters...some other things...

so long 127 for now...i will be posting tips and fave photos tomorrow!

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Yolanda M. said...

Super cool stuff! Thanks for taking lots of pictures.
I love the van with the wish list...! Have a safe trip back home.