Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pre-127 yard sale part 2: shopping list

(good morning Texas!)

Yesterday was a big day for us.  Starting at 3AM we left Santa Ana and headed all the way to Amarillo, TX…about 1000+ miles. Today we have a slightly shorter route to St. Louis, MO (about a 12 hour drive)-tons shorter than yesterday! The reason behind the 2 marathon drives right at the beginning is because I have been wanting to go to an Amish community to look for crafts for the shop-I love the simplicity and skill of the Amish and on last year’s trip I bought several items from the Mennonites that live around Southern KY.

So the drive from Amarillo-St. Louis is not going to have many stops so I figure this would be a good time to get a little shopping list together so I don’t get overwhelmed (which happens after the first stop).

Linens:  some of the vintage linens have been doing well at the shop, especially the tea towels with the different years on them…for sure going to hit those up! Also a big hit were some of the larger tablecloths with little embroideries on them. One of my chicas, Erin asked me to find some cute linens as well.
(like this 1976 towel from etsy seller nine20nine)

Furniture: this time we have an SUV and it is just the 2 of us, so I am going to take advantage of every inch of space and try to get a few larger pieces. One thing I am on the lookout for is a smallish desk for the building materials area of the shop. For sure tater boxes are on the list, people always compliment me on the one I have in the house from my first trip to 127 with my mom.

Canning/preserving items: what a shocker! I want to find old canning books and tools also pickling crocks and lots of old blue Ball jars, those sell really well. I will also be posting or doing videos on other fellow preservers that I meet on 127…there are plenty of canners there!
 (from etsy sellers: old bittersweet & victorian gables)

Pie/Soda/Ice Cream goodies: my friend Karen Klemmens of MotherCluck is opening an artisanal ice cream shop called MotherMoo Creamery (LOVE the name right??)…I will be keeping her in mind. I am also going to be doing a few posts for KCRW’s Good Food blog with things that I find/people I meet/things I eat called Disbatches from HWY 127. Last year I bought lots of pie-themed goodies for Good Food host and dear friend Evan Kleiman…mera-mera is getting more goodies this year too!

(Karen: am I on the right track? images from veraviola, inspired journey, and Grandmas Folly)

I also have a few shopping requests so I will be doing some other personal shopping, cross your fingers!

Anything else that might be good to grab?? let me know!


Karen Klemens said...

Yes! You are SOOOOO on the right track. Love anything vintage ice cream. The crazier the better. I love those sundae glasses.. Wow!

delilah said...

glad you like the glasses b/c that is one thing that you see a lot of-beautiful colored glass...will text you some images when i find something you might like :)

camille said...

hi lovey! that linen calendar brought back so many good memories. every year that would be one of my moms for sure gifts--it would hang in our kitchen and be used as her only way to get the date (besides looking at the newspaper) they eventually stopped making them in the late 80's and a long standing tradition went away...i swear we had the one you posted!! if you see one with chickens or roosters on it snag it!


delilah said...

if i see them i totally will! those towels are amazing, but alas, if they were made now i could see them being incredibly cheese and full of ads!

Anonymous said...

Just watch out for distracted drivers!

I nearly got hit head-on by a guy in an SUV yesterday afternoon, right where 127 becomes two-lane southbound in Junction City, Ky. I was northbound - but this southbound driver evidently missed all the signs and flashing lights and mistook my single northbound lane for the inner lane of the southbound, as he moved across double yellow into it and headed straight towards me! Yikes!

I hit the horn and the brakes simultaneously but had to take the verge, as did the car behind me, to avoid this clueless, careless driver. There is a huge field sale on the east side of 127 at this point - just past the Shell station, if you're southbound - so perhaps that caught this fellow's eye more than did the traffic signals and signs.

I did find treasures - but am glad to have escaped a very bad accident. Just wish the police had spotted it and had taken this guy off the road for a while.

So - watch the road, and watch other drivers. Leave lots of room between your vehicles and theirs. Use your lights and use your signals, and look at the map to see where 127 is two-lane and where it's four-lane.

Stay safe, y'all!


Anonymous said...


My grandmother and great aunt received calendar towels from me each Christmas throughout my teens. They lived together, so I'm unsure whose towel got hung in the kitchen - perhaps they alternated years!

Thanks for the memory...hope you're enjoying the sale today and staying safe.


delilah said...

totally agree about the driving-it get's crazy! i am all for the pilot/co-pilot, where the pilot just drives/watches the road and the co-pilot watches the sales/music/food!
and NO driving at night!
be safe everyone!!!