Tuesday, February 23, 2010

talk about small

we have a pretty tiny place, about 400 sqft, but while reading Rachel Hulan's blog The Interior Revolution, i saw a post on a small design solution: 178 sqft...yikes!
(all photos from NY Times)

it seems to be a contradiction that more things in a small space makes a bigger space...but with artful, purposeful placement of things you can have room without feeling like you are in a subject from Hoarders (now to tell my boyfriend this about his "man cave" in the garage).
some of the elements applied in this situation was to create furniture groupings that are obvious and have them be established as the "room" you want. i need to figure this concept out with our living room as it needs to function as dining area, entertainment, work and TV space.
I also noticed that the coffee table in the designer's home (Zach Motl) can crack up to dining height, so some pieces that are transformers are also good to have.
Motl also stacked similar objects together to make collections and turn them into sculptures..,i kind of do this with books on the coffee table, only problem is that we always have to move them around when we eat, but i do like the look of the books, it adds personality to a space!

hidden spaces seem to be helpful too-a bed with a storage area under or a trunk that can hold items and double as a bench or coffee table.
the article is worth a look, especially if you are about to move/redecorate and have a small space, i am definitely looking at my living room differently.

If you want to read the article in full, click here.

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rachel said...

Thanks for the mention Delilah! I really thought that apartment was an interesting use of a very small space too.