Sunday, February 7, 2010

Farmers' Market sighting-contest

i either saw, talked to or got pictures with more than one famous face this past market. each correct guess will receive a preserve. guess all 3 before anyone and get 3 preserves (and a hi-five b/c you are a stud :). you cannot participate if i told you (i was so excited about some of them that i spilled the beans early!) cheating! Answers will be posted in a few days.

1. Member of a recently SUPER popular late night show. Hint: He had a cameo on Arrested Development...

2. This beloved TV host was a rock star at the market today...he probably would be popular in any California farmers' market for that matter.

3. This actor has been in this space before. his famous character is in a popular cult film of the 80's.


randall fairbrook said...

martin short?

delilah said...

good guess! check this blog for a previous sighting (i assume you are guessing #3)!