Monday, February 1, 2010

Patchwork planning has begun...any suggestions?

the break is over since our last season of Patchwork. nicole and i just had a meeting at the bank for the latest Spring shows (multi-tasking at its finest). Long Beach and Santa Ana are scheduled for Spring 2010 for sure.
(work it girl!)

Looks like our little event is really attracting people-we had record turn-outs for both events and i can already feel the excitement for 2010. the handmade, locally made movement is catching momentum here in Orange County-AWESOME!!!
So far we have the following scheduled:
Patchwork-SANTA ANA: MAY 16th
Patchwork-LONG BEACH: MAY 30th
**these dates might be changed-but are looking good so far!

we would love to hear any suggestions or things you would like to see at any of the shows this season...see you soon!

NOTE: just in case you decided to go on the Patchwork website, you might notice...well... nothing. we are currently building a new-and-improved site which should be up in a few weeks...i will post about it for sure!...see photos in this post for clues!

(my ideas...yes messy!)

(nicole's ideas-something we can understand!)

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