Wednesday, February 24, 2010

easy chalkboard project

so i have been wanting to have a working chalkboard in the store to post events..we have decorative, temporary ones made from spare pieces of wood and good old chalkboard paint (love it!) but i wanted a bigger version that looked more like a chalkboard and less like a piece of wood with chalkboard paint.
Sabre told me a while ago about this wallpaper treatment that she does using a non-toxic glue and recycled paper pieces, she also does this brown-bag paper application that looks a lot like a leather wallpaper that she has used on walls before...we ended up using it as a a fake-wood lining for the chalkboard...awesome way to make a "custom" frame without spending a ton of money right!?! i have no idea how she made it, but i do know that she will be doing a workshop on this in a few months, let me know if you are interested.

(piece of wood, chalkboard paint, paper "frame")
i guess you have to "prime" chalkboards with a bunch of chalk?? didnt know that but this is the finished product....costs about $20.

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