Tuesday, February 2, 2010

adventures with avanti-of course with margies

(says Mark-excellent!)

a lesson in combining things you love:
(the cooking area)

(a yummy mistake)

(mistakes are gooooood)
for the past few years, i have been wanting to go to culinary school. having a biz, little funds and time really do not make that accessible-but something inside me really and truly wants to learn about cooking..i have to admit that as much as i love what i do, i am realizing that i love the food industry more and more...how do i make it work?
(found the margies!)

Chef Tanya and Mark of my fave restaurant Avanti Cafe have allowed me to intern every couple weeks. i cant believe that i can even do something like this-but these dear friends are allowing me to work their kitchen and gain experience in my personal culinary adventures that in the 2 shifts i have worked, have been a yummy lesson...
this past Friday was my second shift in which i cleaned, made orders and waited on a party of 18 (all with supervision!). i see a lot of people from the store and life in general, and although i cannot spend time talking to them, i love that i have reconnected with those whom i haven't seen in a long time. i will be posting about my "adventures" a few times a month along with what i have learned, what i ate and who i met... what a great experience!

(after the shift: margie extravaganza!)

(yes Mark-gulp, gulp)


Gustavo Arellano said...

Mark looks like a grizzled gold miner circa 1849. Ex-cellent!

GirlAlwaysfalling said...

That sounds like an amazing opportunity! I love their grilled cheese and potato taters! Yummy =)

GirlAlwaysfalling said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to learn something new! I love their grilled chesse and potato taters yummy!