Monday, February 1, 2010

a play on CSA-Community Supported Fishery?

(David La Spina, NY Times)

i just read this amazing article in the NY Times Magazine article about Abundant Seafood, a Southern US fishing company that is creating a business based on localizing seafood and providing sustainable, abundant alternatives to conventional seafood products.
In addition to pollutants there is a silent, yet, serious threat to food from the oceans. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California- a leader in promoting healthy and sustainable eating from the oceans (please check out their info on what to eat and what NOT to eat seafood list) the fishing industry has taken a toll on what was once abundant:

"Humans have been fishing the oceans for thousands of years. But over the past five decades technology has allowed us to fish farther, deeper and more efficiently than ever before. Scientists estimate that we have removed as much as 90 percent of the large predatory fish such as shark, swordfish and cod from the world's oceans. In 2003, the Pew Oceans Commission warned that the world's oceans are in a state of "silent collapse," threatening our food supply, marine economies, recreation and the natural legacy we leave our children." (Monterey bay Aquarium)

scary right? Abundant Seafood seems to have found a market however on providing food while respecting where it came from. In addition to selling ocean-to-table seafood (with minimal miles), Abundant Seafood also created a brilliant program, taken from the good-ol' CSA:

"Closing the loop tighter, last month Abundant Seafood started a community-sponsored fishery. Home cooks pay a share to receive 2 to 10 pounds of fish a month, and the company receives full retail price. Marhefka [owner of Abundant Seafood] said he would use the direct relationship to teach the 60-plus members about the future of fish and its true value. 'It’s their resource, not mine,' he said. " (NY Times Magazine)

Can we PLEASE have something like that here, i do love fish and only eat it every once in a while (and when i would fish with Grandpa Stu in Oregon after 8 hours on a little boat). this is a great program to connect people who connect you to the food you are eating and respect that we live in a world with limited resources....any takers??

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