Friday, February 5, 2010

CSA, CSF and perhaps CSAG??

i just recently posted about a variation of the CSA in the south with fish (or CSF)...well it looks like there might be another addition to the growing market of close-loop producer/customer food distribution: Community Support Artisan Goods.
this was actually an idea from fellow Master Food Preserver and friend Ernest Miller, who thought this could be an additional service for those already in a CSA program (PS to find out what a CSA is, click here).
so, what am i still talking about, what is a CSAG?


(AND this)

members of the CSAG will receive a monthly or bi-monthly basket containing a number of preserved goods. at least 6 jars but up to 10 of items like: apple butter, pickles, jams, salsas/condiments, but also dried foods or salted items (beef jerky??). all made from local, organic ingredients. just like a regular CSA, you would pick up this "basket" with your other fresh items or they can be available at drop-offs at farmers' markets.
ideas floating around right now are to have subscriptions start at $60 a month, with a 3 month (time) period.
any thoughts??


The 'C' in C Salt said...

CSAC! Community Supported Artisanal Chocolate! Also, I want!

delilah said...

i LOVE that idea!! CSC!...lets talk!