Thursday, February 4, 2010

food preservation workshops

working like a dog for the past few weeks getting together a line-up of classes. there are a number of locations and interests below.
* if you want to sign up for a class, just click on the link of that particular class and sign up! you can email me too if you have questions or have other class ideas. MORE TO COME!

*FEB 7th: Preserving the Season- KITCN 105, downtown LA, 2:30-5:30
General canning from fresh-from-market goodies in an amazing culinary space! Shopping locally tips and produce selection also covered.

*FEB 13th: Fermentation 1: old school foods-kraut and kimchi- Road Less Traveled Store, 1:30-3:30
Learn the basics of food preservation while making sauerkraut and spicy kimichi. Class will cover fermentation basics, recipe guide, samples and a short history of this old-school method of keeping food alive. All materials included.

*FEB 28th: Foraging and Preparing Wild Foods- Road Less Traveled Store, 11-1PM
Naturalist Joel Robinson and MFP Delilah Snell will be lecturing on what foods you can harvest from our local wild areas while you feast on a lunch made up of various harvested goods. Identification/field guide and recipes will be included.

*MARCH 4th: Fermentation 2: Vinegar, Tonics and Yogurt-Road Less Traveled Store, 6:30-8:30PM
This course is a follow-up to Fermentation 1 (not required). Learn how healthy bacteria create savory vinegars, Kombucha and natural yogurt. Mother cultures, samples and take-home procedures are included in workshop. Taught by Chef Ernest Miller, Master Food Preserver.

*MARCH 7th: Farmers' Market Canning Demo-Hollywood Farmers' Market, 9-1pm
Join me and Ernest at the Hollywood Farmers' Market as we do outdoor demos on simple canning techniques.

*MARCH 7th: Pickles and More-KTCHN 105-downtown LA, 2:30-5:30PM
Learn how to make fermented and fresh-packed pickles of all types. Course covers: preparation, food safety, equipment operation, recipes and samples. Students receive an instruction pamphlet and products from the class.

*MARCH 20th: Food Preservation 2, Chilies- Road Less Traveled Store (link coming soon)
Make your own hot sauce! Learn to preserve chilies in a number of different methods. Course covers drying, canning variations and making a few hot sauces. Samples, recipe book, take home samples and discussion of pepper varieties will be covered.

We also have a number of classes at the store too, please click here if you want to see the full calendar...check often as things will be added weekly...hope to see you soon!

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