Friday, March 20, 2009

the great loquat event-part one

ernest, my carpool buddy/food-wiki and i are planning to have a canning party in which we will tackle vast amounts of loquats, also known to me as loquat-apaloosa (my idea).
these are the things you talk about when you drive to San Bern every monday.
what is the loquat you say?? well first of all, it is not a relative to the kumquat.
the loquat is a fruit indigenous to southeastern China, and is also known as the Japanese Medlar. over the years, i have met a number of people who have loquat trees in their yards, however the reason you do not hear about them often is that their harvet time is about 2 seconds. not really, it is about 2-4 weeks, basically about enough time to know they are in season and then they are gone. plus they go bad very quickly, which is why you do not see them in the stores.which leads us to this loquat event. we are going to try to preserve as many loquats as possible, in a number of ways as well. if you have a loquat tree & are in Orange County, PLEASE get in touch with me and i will be more than happy to take them off your hands.
please send all inquiries to:
delilah snell
i will be letting you know how this all turns out.

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wearehowweeat said...


I've just recently stumbled onto your site, and it brings me so much joy to see fellow community members engaged in food. I'm a student studying and interested in food sustainability.

We may have crossed foot paths last August in San Francisco. I, too, was at Slow Food Nation. There's definitely been a lot of learning going on.

If you need help gleaning or jamming, let me know. I'm an amateur preserver, but I like learning with others.

Look forward to connecting with you soon.