Sunday, July 26, 2009

gwynnie should stick to acting

There has been a lot of talk about Gwyneth Paltrow's new site GOOP. I have checked it out a few times and i still can't get my head around how a mediocre actress who is more known for unusual fashion choices and a friendship with Madonna is now a Martha Stewart-type guru.
Can you really believe this?
I think that I hit my limit when i saw this clip, from what i am assuming is here Rachel Ray-type character. Let me know what you think is wrong with this clip


John and Maribel said...

Hi Delilah! Love your blog! Are you on facebook? As you know, facebook all the rage. You ought to put up a Road Less Travelled Store facebook page. As for Gwinny being a Rachel wannabe, well, s'alright with me. The cooking thing is an odd combination with her "other life", but what the heck - more power to her. Anyone who likes to cook or at least tries to, is ok by me. I used to be the worst cook myself back in the younger days, but somehow found my passion in cooking and baking and my family still cannot believe it! I would give Gwinny a break and give her, oh, maybe a B for effort. I might even try her recipes! Take care - Maribel :)

Annoreno's said...

Oh my goodness I couldn't even wash the entire clip. Yawn Yawn.I hope she washed her hands between touching the raw chicken and preparing her salad.

delilah said...

i like that she is getting into cooking, but this was someone who was preaching the macro-biotic/vegetarian lifestyle and now cooking chicken?
plus, she is displaying some HORRIBLE sanitation (touching other ingredients after touching raw chicken!?!)
personally, i find her GOOP website a bit condescending...she seems to put on this persona that she has a great deal of knowledge that we do not have b/c we are not wealthy actresses.
thank you for reading!!