Monday, March 2, 2009

kumquat margaritas!

one of my favorite things i have been making recently that i have trying to show off to everyone that comes to visit us-kumquat margaritas.
i got the recipe from farmer Donna when i asked her about what to do with the baskets upon baskets that we receive each week with kumquats-they are great and all, but after a few months...getting kind of over it. it's funny, the "turning it into a drink" has been a popular thing to do in our CSA (caipirhinas, mojitos, sangria, limeade...), but hey we use up everything and coming up with a little more than the "bottle of beer" when people come over.

Farmer Donna's Kumquat Margarita:

2 baskets kumquats
-cut in 1/2 or in 1/4 if you are good with a knife
-blend one basket at a time in the food processor, add water to help it out (like 1/2c per basket)
-strain through a sieve to get the chunks out (if you don't have one-get one, they are cheap and if you want to save $ by cooking more this makes life better)
-put into sauce pan over med heat
add 1 tbs stevia or agave to mix
-mix and reduce the liquid for 30 min or so, taste occasionally, you might want to add more sweet
-set to cool, transfer to old tomato/sauce jar (will last for a while, NOT forever)

in a martini shaker...
equal portions tequila and kumquat mix
triple sec (i dont know how you like your margie, you decide this part)
handful of ice
-shake and pour in little vintagey glasses, tumblers look great holding this drink
-pour some of the ice in

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