Saturday, March 7, 2009

element clay studio-gorg!

i used to do ceramics in high school, i loved it and one of the things that is a bummer about owning your own business is that you do not have the time to do things like pottery b/c you are too busy looking at other people's work and typing on this thing...kidding! but i am planning an escape to the local pottery studio in the very near future.
in the meantime, i have been looking for inspirational ceramics for both myself and for the store. i happened to find one today-Element Clay Studio, check it out!

i absolutely love these porcelain tiles!! can you imagine doing something like this-i do not have the patience for it! Created by artist Heather Knight, some of these works have been featured in various design magazines , and justly so! the larger tiles are between $150-300., but she has also but out a line of min-tiles that are under $ there you go!

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