Saturday, March 14, 2009

affordable art-wool & water

i just found these incredible paper dolls from artist Amy Earle of Wool & Water (i LOVE this name).
this used to be the thing back in the day, i remember cutting out Barbie and various other cartoon celebs and folding paper costumes to them. they were not the most entertaining, now that i think about it, i was probably more entertained by trying to cut everything in the lines than actually putting the clothes on.
anyways, Amy's dolls are completely the opposite. these images are haunting and whimsical at the same time...they remind me of a Tim Burton film ala Nightmare Before X-mas.
for only $12, you can't beat these designs, which i like both hanging like a puppet or against some textured fabric in a frame. i want one!

(and after)
check out Amy's blog, Pushed Under about her works.

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