Friday, March 13, 2009

things in the mail

very excited by the mail today...not that it isn't usually. having a store you are always getting cool stuff in the mail (orders, catalogs, samples, magazines) and the not cool stuff like bills :(
but today in particular i was caught off guard w/ 3 wonderful things:
1.Charlie Krafft sent me a surprise gift: if you do not know who Charles Krafft is then shame on you! before i get into it, Charles is a fantastic artist out of Seattle who creates amazing porcelain weapons and other thought provoking items (like a skateboard with Martha Stewart's face or Delft plates with strange images)...he gave me a porcelain bloody-tooth pin last year that is the topic of many conversations (and a dear treasure). here are some of his works below:(here is Charlie with his skateboard)
Charlie is a dear friend whom i met years ago while i was waitressing at the Gypsy Den and he was a visiting artist at Grand Central. through our love of Marx and all things philosophical, we have been in touch ever since. i havent heard from him in a while so i must admit i was surprised to see in the mail a package that looked like a catalog, but it caught my eye with this "signature" stamp.
(this kind of rocks right?)
Charlie gave me a book on Cioran a philospoher that we both love-the sweetest things are those least expected. thank you!

2.we are in a book!: NY Times journalist Mia Navarro's book came out today and guess what-we are in it as a resource of places to buy gifts from for a conscious wedding! her book: Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration is simply scrumptious! the photos alone are worth it! we will be having a signing here on May 16th (an look for a review soon too!). i am so excited for her-congrats Mia!
(my name in a book!- must be good:)
3.the Zip-Its have arrived!: this sounds lame, but i have been waiting to get these little plastic do-dads that clean your drain out for YEARS! i purchased mine years ago at a local hardware store and have been raving about them ever since. i have been calling and emailing them to just get a few, and now they are here! for $5 this thing lasts forever and is well beyond worth its cost. (yes i have no life).

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