Wednesday, March 11, 2009

master food preserver-week 2

it has been a busy week, so i am a little late on posting my 2nd week of MFP.
(where the magic happens)
had to cram the night before for my 1st quiz as a master food preserver. and guess what?? i forgot my notes at the store so that i could study on the way to class!
thank jah for my carpool buddy Ernest, who is a culinary STUD! this guy makes his own vinegar, flavored liquors and god-knows what else...i totally lucked out having Ernest as my buddy, b/c i am getting much more than a canning course-talking to him is like talking to a food-wiki!
so back to class-i have a problem of having the quizes "open-note", not because i didint have mine, but because if we are going to be educating the public, i need to at least know the basics without having to drag my books and notes and such around all the time. understanding and studying the basics of food preservation on-demand is why we are taking the class. i think it is perfectly fine to get questions wrong-it only means that there are topics that we have to go back and make sure we understand more.
(quiz time!!)
that being-i did pretty ok for no notes, again Ernest helped me out by lending me his. and after a brief lecture on the basics of jams, preserves, jellys, conserves and fruit butters (which are all variations of steam canned fruits with sugar-or high-acid foods), we set out on our first lab: carrot cake jam & pepper jelly.
(Ernest with the mad knife skills working the pears for the Carrot Cake Jam)
(sterilizing the lids and preparing the Carrot Cake Jam)
i have always had this weird thing about "savory jelly"-you know, the pepper, carrot, non-conventional fruit type spread (umm mint jelly or sugar with peppers people!), this doesnt set good with me (no pun intended). I was clearly changed though when i sampled some of Instructor Connie's pepper jelly on crackers with cream cheese-YUM! i know i am the last person on the planet to think so, but this totally works!
(snack time! i spent most of the evening here-hey it's good!)
(pepper jelly: looks nasty but is VERY good-don't worry i will make you some)

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