Monday, March 2, 2009

we are in the LA times!!! OMG!!!

please, please see the write up of us in today's LA Times in their business section. please feel free to make multiple copies and distribute them far and wide over this land!
la times article!!!


Anonymous said...

Great article! I love your entrepreneurial spirit and am telling all my friends, even though we live in LA -- I can't wait to visit! Kudos!

Angelique M. Russell said...

The article is still up online, I just read it! I'm so glad you are surviving the recession. Even though I live a bike ride away I have not been able to shop at your store for over a year because I was laid off, but I just got a permanent job and I can't wait to get started on the CSA, which will give me an excuse to come by every week!

FYI, I tried to do some research on how to have my own functional verticle garden because like so many OCers I barely have a yard. This green landscaper in LA offers classes on how to do it--maybe you could get her to offer a class at your store? If you do I'll definitely attend! Her website is