Tuesday, August 24, 2010

our little place gets a little bigger

(the new kitchen: perfect for the person who is getting more and more into food!) 

 so instead of talking about my garden expansion plans and where next to find a square inch to plant something we have made the decision to move-about 50ft way.

(before the move: let's see how we fit 8+ bookshelves in here!)
now i know that this blog is all about small: small space living/gardening, local cooking, cheap but tasty eating, etc...why am i moving into a bigger place?  Currently, we live in about 500 sqft, which is actually quite perfect for us, i really love our little homestead and the privacy that allows having the corner, upstairs apartment...people are quite amazed that i have taught a number of canning classes and even had over 10 people over for dinner (still trying to find out how we fit them all!)

(i will miss sunlight in the morning here-the new one will have less light)

(can you believe that we fit 12 people for our LOST dinners in here?!?)

Moving for sure is not going to be easy, this week in particular is going to be very tough. We basically have to complete our move in the next week, but there are a number of "non-typical workweek" things. not only do i have to do my normal work at the shop (thank goodness we are only open noon-5 for august-this has saved my sanity), i have been asked to visit the Glen Ivy Spa for a consultation, canning class in Irvine, OC Foodie Fest-where we will be running a mini-patchwork (and selling), AND i will be flying to Oakland for a demo on kimchi at the Eat Real Festival....yeah just a little busy this week.
so why are we making life harder for ourselves?
despite the bad timing, we felt that we should take advantage of the fact that a slightly large place is open right next to us.  we have spent the past 2 years building on our little community of businesses and friends (several have now moved onto the block/building) and it would be a shame to have to leave it b/c we need a little more room-preparing ahead of time means that we can stay in one area for several years-putting more time and energy helping it grow.
another big incentive has to do with all of the canning, preserving and classes that have been taking off. while i still can do everything that i normally do in the shoebox, it would be nice to have actual space to work on recipes, class ideas and other food ideas without having to do a massive reorganization project with pots and canners hanging out on the porch until it is their time at the stove.

(one of 2 wooden prep areas-and i am getting a prep counter for dining!)

this kitchen also has 3 special things: 
-a massive closet, which i think used to be the old laundry room (like the other place, it was once a farmhouse from the early 1900's), this is going to be my new canning closet where i can keep all of my books, canners and cases of jars.
-the space is also enclosed form the rest of the apt with a separate entrance, which means a little privacy when i need it.
-there are 2 large wooden prep stations which is PERFECT for bread making and pastas, something that i have been working on a little bit, but has been difficult because i have a tiny amount of space to work.

i will post the after pictures next wed-wish me luck!


Shari said...

Love the larger kitchen but will you still have access to your root cellar that you worked so hard to make habitable?

delilah said...

yes, there is no way i am giving that thing up...gotta keep my boozes nice and chilly!

Katpod said...

how exciting! i can't wait to see your new place! if zack and i didn't have 3 freaking cats, i'd try to snatch your old place ; )

Katpod said...

i love it! can't wait to see it. if zack and i didn't have 3 cats, i'd snatch up your old place!

Michele with 1 L said...

Wow! That kitchen is like 15 times bigger than your old one! I guess I'll have to come to another canning class :)

delilah said...

i know, i am already planning new classes in there-cheese making, pasta, bread classes are on the way!!!
even thinking about historical food classes too-we can fit 10 people now!

Jane said...

Good luck with the move!

Julia said...

All your wisdom helps us grow, there's no reason you shouldn't grow too;)enjoy all the new space and possibilities! Hope to catch that cheese making class. Do you know yet if you will be using animal rennet or not?

delilah said...

yes on both, TOTALLY into non animal rennet and working to perfect...i will leave it to students but i want to give options and discussion.
so much more that we are planning..just happy that we can grow in a space for several years!