Saturday, August 7, 2010

127 yard sale day 3: Albany-Crossville, TN

Saturday morning marked the 1/2 way point for our shopping adventure and you can tell because the car was getting pretty packed! One thing that was helpful was that our hotel was next to a florist and the owner was really sweet and let me take boxes to pack our belongings, this definitely helps with stacking breakables and allowing us to have more room for more stuff!

(taking everything out to start organizing)

Another thing that was helpful was and a good note if you decide to do 127 is to buy a few of the several lovely linens, napkins or other embroidery goodies at the sales-they make great packing material and i took full advantage of them as you see below:

(one of the packed boxes)

Unfortunately, i dont have any grand reports of breakfast foods for Albany-there weren't too many choices and we needed the internet so we went to McYucks, i had only coffee and ate local peaches-but you have to go where the internet is sometimes (our hotel didnt have any)!
So off we went, out of Kentucky and into Tennessee. We stopped by a few sale points that my mom and i had went to the year before but really didn't see too much until we entered Tennessee where we stopped at a large sale that we had also visited last year where i bought a cute table, a large embroidered table cloth for my jam booth and this cute pink coat with faux fur among other things.

(green cast iron braces, have no idea what to use them for but LOVE them!)

This part of the trip had a great deal of traffic, lots of large sales on both sides of the road where people are crossing. We managed to spend part of it taking pictures of signs (a later post) and we picked up this AWESOME Mexican bar caddy-super cute!

The super hot weather has died down a little, which has been nice-still sweating as soon as we get out of the car, but not dropping dead.  Just one more day left of 127, and we head for home!

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