Monday, August 9, 2010

127 yard sale wrap-up: tips and signs from the sale

So as we head back home to California, fully-packed car and probably a few added pounds on the ole' waistline from all the fried foods, i have to say we had a pretty good trip (albeit short)!

Learned some new things on this trip and i wanted to shared in case you or someone you know whats to do the sale sometime:

  • pack a hand sanitizer or better yet, baby wipes-the dirt and shopping and'll thank yourself later.
  • one way people know you are from out of town: using too many syllables when saying the towns you have been to/going to.  take out a few or just limit everything to one (practice makes perfect!)
  • Tennessee seems to be the best for shopping and deals, but Kentucky the best for food and adventure-gotta thank Ricks White Light Diner and bourbon for that!
  • buy linens for packing and ask local businesses for boxes: saves you $ and you get to keep the packing material too!
  • if you are driving, be prepared to find something big and having to move stuff around.  we had this great rack on top with a bag-thingie that collapsed where we put out bags and boxed items in...PS: dont pack to much for the trip-this isnt a fashion show-you can look good when you get home!
  • Holiday Inn Express: such a good deal for what you get.  i am all for the small hotels (Jordan Motel in Jamestown is awesome), but if you want all the basic necessities for a decent price-AND need free, fast internet, this can't be beat.  they also have a pool, washing machines, and the rooms are super cold (oh and they have HBO in case you are a fan of True Blood and don't want to miss)....they are in MOST locations on 127-but not all.
  • lastly: if you do visit any of the places on 127 sale or not, try to do a review on Yelp-most places have 1 review if any at all and it could really help other out of towners figuring things out.
  • to see my other tips from last year, click HERE

One of the many things i like from the trip are the cute signs i see while we travel, some funky, some homemade, but all as unique and fun as this trip is to me, here are some of my favorites:

(this is actually a doormat, now at our house!)

Can't wait till next year!

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Shari said...

Oh how fun! I didn't know when you were going to go and was going to call you. Hope you got some fun finds and I just love your sign pics! "Body Piercing Saved My Life" Classic!