Friday, August 6, 2010

127 yard sale day 2: Danville-Albany

(loved this booth: salt box, metal cake container and an egg basket-score 1)

today was the first full day of shopping and i was super excited to find treasures and surprises in Kentucky.  we got a quick boost of energy to start our day at the popular chain (but not franchised as we found out later), Cracker Barrel where i had catfish, poached eggs and raspberry lemonade. Cracker Barrel is actually pretty good for a chain-service is always friendly and prompt, decent breakfast for a good price and they offer slightly so "non-fried" options and vegetarian-i can most certainly say that i am not used to this much fried food.
with a full belly, we headed out south on 127 to our next destination Albany, 80 miles away.  now normally, this would only take about 2 hours but this weekend, it could take up to 10-so one thing you need to be careful about is making sure you keep track of time so that you don't end up driving in the dark (really dangerous, so don't do it).
for this particular trip, i am trying to focus my shopping a little more than last year (easier said than done) to things for the kitchen, small furniture items and vintage canning items.
one thing you have to keep in mind about this trip is that you can't get too excited too early-of course i didn't listen to my own advice and found a number of cute things for fabulous prices.

(awesome little kid's desk with chalk board)

(i didn't buy this doll, but i loved it in the chair)

(sweet book with tin-types!)

one thing that i didn't notice but noticed a lot this time was the large Mennonite population in the Kentucky area.  a few of the larger markets had crafts from local Mennonite's and we were able to pick up a few beautiful objects like baskets, sun hats (you'll see them at the shop) and homemade noodles!

(gorgeous baskets and noodles)

(me with one of the beautiful hats that many of the men wore)

i was also on the look-out for vintage pie items for Evan, who gave me a little list of things to look for-girl, we have some great stuff for you!!-here's a peak.

lastly, we happened to come by a camping area that i remembered going to last year, where i saw an awesome cast iron bottling contraption....well guess what-the 2 guys with 5 teeth were still there are they still had it!  they even remembered me-we ended up buying it and an old-school coffee grinder from them.
it looks like we are going to need a trailer soon, we still have 2 days!!

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