Thursday, August 5, 2010

127 yard sale day 1: Frankfort-Danville

after settling into Frankfort last night, we started our first day of our 127 yard sale adventure relaxing and taking advantage of the fact that there was only 50 miles between Frankfort and our next stop, Danville.
Kentucky is a the nation's biggest producer of bourbon and to celebrate, we decided to visit one of the several distilleries in the area-but not before breakfast.
using Yelp, we wanted to find a a place that showed us how great the region was-let me tell you, we found that place!
Rick's White Light Diner, may sound kind of "what the heck is that?" by name, but if you are in the Frankfort area this is a MUST DO-and be prepared to wait in line, this place was just aired on Guy Fiere's Dinners Dive-ins and Dives...we were lucky to make it right when this was about to break loose.

(rick off to the left, telling another story-totally funny!!)

(eggs bene-can't resist-also had Crawfish Pie)

(Guy was here!)

We stepped into the tiny diner, sitting about 20 and could feel the on-coming madness, eclectic with stickers, Madonna's Nude Photo book on the register, movie posters (Scarface and Taxi Driver anyone) and a number of odds and ends that so much reflected the owner/chef/cook/entertainment Rick who was cursing up a storm, telling stories and making fun of us Californians. Rick alone is a gem and a master at the grill making the diner's meals on a grill about 2 ft wide with tickets held by old clothes pins.  Best part of my meal besides everything-the beer with an orange slice in it-which i now call the Kentucky Mimosa-totally awesome & highly recommended by Rick-heck i am on vacation!

(the barrel run is a short track to wheel barrels to a huge house where it is to age for up to 9 years!)

Next was a trip to bourbon country-we decided to visit the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a little off 127, but totally worth it.  This premium bourbon is made at the oldest operating bourbon distillery in the nation and for $5 you can get an amazing tour with, you guessed it-samples. we bought some bourbon of course and some smoked bourbon salt (to some goodness later with). 

(fermenting the booze)

(copper chambers- these were amazing to see up close-it was super hot hot here!)

(barrels resting, there was a little cat hanging out there too!)

with only 15 miles left to go until we hit Danville, we stopped at a few sale areas. one of which i was able to pick up an old canning book and saw some old-school canning items.  Unfortunately, it was EXTREMELY hot. note: if you are not into sweating, humidity or being in hell-this was so extreme in heat...hopefully it will die down a little (we were told it will, just a little).  

(i got a couple of goodies from this booth, including a sweet bottle opener)

major shopping tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I live in Frankfort and I wouldn't set foot near the White Light Diner. I am amazed the Health Dept hasn't shut this place down and Rick Paul is sued perpetually. Much better places in Frankfort. Sorry you had to go to this one!

Maggy Slater @ Deco Aurora said...

I think I have the same bottle opener (second from the left) soo cool. I got it for my birthday from my mom.