Tuesday, October 20, 2009

next time it rains...no this is not about snails

today i met our latest intern Corissa who is going to work on special projects at the store as well as being my main assistant with Patchwork. i am super excited to work with her, not only is she a ceramic artist, but she is already hip to some of the products we carry (Klean Kanteens, bamboo kitchen items, To-Go Ware lunch containers, blah, blah)-she knows it!

Linkone thing she showed me that i didn't know about was this new umbrella from Totes called the Eco'brella.

as far as umbrellas go, this one is pretty on it: 100% recycled PET canopy, 70% metal frame and a bamboo base...i can't think of anything more.

(Corissa modeling the Eco'brella)

(just in case you forget-70% recycled)
I really love this idea, i am just a little weary about buying them for a store where it rains every 6 months...but a few never hurt anyone.

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