Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fixing and making a place to fix stuff

my friend Julie sent me this interesting article from the NY Times about a group of people creating "fix-it" events where you can bring items in to get worked on.
the result of an art project, this now once a week event devoted to fixing things is now The Fixers Collective, where people can mend, alter, repair or repurpose things that we would normally end up in our trash.you know what i am talking about. we all have at least 1 box of items that "we are going to fix/mend/repair", but we haven't had the time b/c we are so busy working and then when we get to the box of stuff, we don't know how to fix it and just save it for another day called never and we end up throwing it away or donating it.
i love this idea of teaching people to fix things, really empowering people to get things repaired themselves is the core of the DIY movement that has really been taking off since the whole economic turn-down.
i haven't really seen anything like this been held locally-there is The Machine Project, an awesome LA space that is devoted to alternative and unique learning/education, that might hold classes on fixing certain things, but nothing like the Fixers Collective.
i am thinking about doing something like this at the store...would anyone be interested in a program like this?

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