Friday, October 2, 2009

the fun part of my job: Salvage Life and Au She Cosmetics

i must admit, one of the best things about having a store like this is being able to meet so many incredible, talented people that are right in our area.

just yesterday i was able to meet 2 fellow female entrepreneurs: Beth from Salvage Life and Tatiahna from Au She Cosmetics.

I met Beth from Salvage Life at a craft fair in Cerritos...looking at her pieces, i instantly fell in love with her artful deconstruction of things that i would normally overlook. I immediately wanted to carry her jewelry. Beth and her adorable daughter came by in the morning with a series of necklaces made from vintage watches, chains, belts and other trinkets that were combined together to make one-of-a-kind pieces.
she also sells lovely vintage slips and wears that complement her jewelry line. Her blog has better images of her work.
(Beth's beautiful and curious daughter)

(trying to get to her mommie's jewelry!)

(necklaces made from old watch pieces and vintage chain-GORG!)

In the afternoon i met with Tatiahna of Au She Cosmetics. I had only met her a few days ago, when she came in to drop off her application for Patchwork. I asked her what she was selling and she told me that she had a line of handmade, natural and organic cosmetics. HOW do you even begin to make makeup! not only that, but she uses at the least 99% natural ingredients (most of her line is made with natural pigment as well.
i have been searching high and low for a small-batch, natural line, one that i could try and actually talk to the person who made the product-i had completely given up on it and here she was in Placentia!
Tatiahna was formerly a make-up artist and while she loved make-up, she didn't love the industry..she really wanted to work with people and work with a product that made your insides as good as your outside and is a rebel in the cause for changing beauty stereotypes. we met today and now i have a few samples to try out (the lip products smell WONDERFUL!)

(Tatiahna demoing how to mix eye shadow with her cream primer)

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