Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hollywood Farmers Market, Booger and brunch with Felix

on Sunday, i had my first full day at the Master Food Preserver table at the Hollywood Farmers' Market. even though i am not used to waking up that early anymore (i am more of a late night computer/book person these days), going out to Hollywood (especially with ZERO traffic!) was a real treat that i am going to look forward to once a month.
at the market, i shared a table with LA Master Gardener Kevin, who was handing out free seeds and giving advice on what to grow this time of year. Kevin also gave the the ins & outs of everything about the market: local crazies, regular customers, celebrity shoppers and favorite vendors.

speaking of celebrity..right in the middle of our conversation i noticed a familiar face. through the crowds, i kept staring, trying to figure out how i knew this person, and then it hit me:
Booger (played brilliantly by Curtis Armstrong) from Revenge of the Nerds!!

(remember this scene!)i wasn't able to grab my camera in time, and unfortunately the next time he walked by, i was busy answering a question :(
this time i also didn't have the time to score the deal of the century, i had to rush back to finally attend my friend Felix's brunch-where i met one of my favorite people, Chef Mark Cleveland from the beloved Avanti Cafe. i was so excited, Mark and i have never had the chance to hang out in a non-work context-PARTY!
(pasta with baby lentils, lima beans and other goodness)

(beets with micro greens, and a quail egg-YUM)

(Mark taking pictures of his meal)

(Chef Felix relaxing after a terrific meal)
but probably the best thing of the day (besides the various goodies that Mark brought me and that i will be talking about later this week), was this one guest's awesome poncho that was a five-in-one accessory. she was more than proud to show of her goods.
(poncho then...)

(side deal...)
(chunky necklace...)

(shoulder shrug...)

(pulled up with a bunch in front)
i think i need one of these.