Friday, October 9, 2009

friday night: making vinegar

a few months ago, we had this wonderful workshop from friend and fellow MFP, Chef Ernest Miller on fermentation. we each received samples of kombucha, white and red wine vinegar mothers.
i rarely drink white wine, but i recently had a bottle that had been sitting around and i decided to start my vinegar operation.

i basically took our white wine vinegar mother, 2 c. white wine and 1 c. water and combined them all in a large glass jar (or you can use a ceramic crock).
next i covered the top with a few layers of cheese cloth and secured it with a rubber band.

then i placed it in a dark, dry place...i don't have many options until i finish our root cellar, so i decided to put it under the sink.

now i just have to wait 12 weeks and then we have some white wine be continued...


Rebel Girl said...


cyberob151 said...

Only 12 weeks. I can't even remember what happened yesterday.

delilah said...

seriously, i will probably forget about it being under the sink!