Monday, October 5, 2009

affordable art: Ashley G and Drew

(wouldn't it be great for a kid's room?)

I just found this talented creative duo: Ashley G and Drew, partners in work and life designing cute prints and do-dads in Portland, OR.
What i love about these works (besides the fact that you can get them for around $20 a pop!) is that they have these adorable ornaments with a selection of their images. Talk about a great and indie holiday gift that can be showcased year-round, talk about the perfect wall piece for the smallest of spaces (and also about $20)! They also do a collection of cards and i think clothing-at least that is a section on their etsy page.

They also do custom portraits as well...a great b-day or anniversary gift!.

UPDATE: i have recently seen a few of these images for sale at Urban Outfitters...but i think you should go through Etsy or their site instead so they can have more of the profits.

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the corky said...

So adorable and quirky.