Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Back in Ceramics Again! (my Aerosmith version)

This past week was the first ceramics class of 2011 and with a new edition: mamcita!
One of my Christmas gifts to my mother was a beginners set of ceramics tools and a class with me and the Avanti Cafe crew.
When I was thinking about posting on our class the first thing I thought of was Aerosmith's I'm Back in the Saddle, awesome song, but i changed the words with ceramics and was giggling. Was totally meant to be because while mama and I we cruising in the Jam Van to Avanti, guess what came on!!!

I have to say that the VW bus is the absolute BEST vehicle of choice when going to a ceramics class in Huntington Beach. We have exactly one speaker behind a seat that plays classic rock, solar Christmas lights for looking cool when we drive down PCH and plenty of room for chatting and hanging out/eating/putting up our tired a$$es.
(Mark made one too many plates and got in trouble, it was quite funny!)

My jam n' cheese plates did really well a last year's Patchwork Shows and I have spent the past month looking at new ideas of expanding my "not your regular Pottery Barn BS" line. Yes I know that I am no Heath Ceramics, but people are digging my items so I decided to expand to make a few new things in this season of classes...

salt pigs: love the salt, make salt mixes so why not make containers

(yeah i wish i could do this!)

butter crocks: French-style, this might not happen for a little unless I can channel a pros ability on the wheel (any local ceramic artists reading this-i will buy/trade from you instead!)
(again, a girl can dream!)

garlic mashers: little plates with big rings for smashing garlic-I think i can do it!
(love this idea from Natalie Bonney-UK)

soup bowls: my first day back I threw 4 big bowls-would be perfect for soup and stews
spoon rests: or aka "soup bowl that collapsed on the wheel"-recycling!

Mamacita (as the group calls her-I just call her mom), is excited too. She got the "ceramics 101 talk" last week and is now feverishly working on her ideas.
 We will see what I can actually do, if you have some other ideas of what you would like to see-let me know!

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