Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 resolutions: late is better than never!

Another year, another chapter in the book that is life.
The holidays are now over and in the past few weeks, i have been working on what i like to call, "the foundation" for the coming year (more to come on that in a blog post soon). A few weeks ago it hit me that in 2011 i will turn 35, which to me seems like a REAL NUMBER-ain't no child anymore... i seriously feel 29/30...35 seems like a few years away still. I guess i have to get a grip on reality because the music that i have grown up with is now hitting the Classic Rock radio stations...

(not my era, but i wish!)

so i have been thinking about what i want out of 2011...

What immediately comes to mind is Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing Tenderly..if you haven't heard it, i BEG you to listen (hopefully with earphones). This song brings tears to my eyes every time-not only because you have two jazz masters that have the most amazing chemistry but Tenderly is all about moments, like a DH Lawrence scene where time stands still and you can notice everything.

So sitting here and listening to Ella and Louis and thinking about 2011...

1. make a go at a second biz: my jammy-jam side project Backyard In A Jar has been growing. people seem to like what i am can do and heck, let's see what can happen! I am going to spend more time in the kitchen and build a website for it. We recently restored a VW bus to do sales (a future post) and i have a few ideas of what to only live once so why not!
(what do you think of the new label-courtesy of Nicole!!?)
2. Patchworkmy niece and i have been growing our little Indie Arts & Craft fair and we have something special...i really want to dedicate more time to this great event and to her-she is so talented and this event has become such a wonderful thing for us and our friends...i love you niecey!

3. a well-organized machine: unfortunately, in order to do all of these things and run a store, i really have to make it a dedicated and serious objective to be organized and run a fine-tuned life...not so Ella/Louis/DH Lawrence-ish, but i dearly love all of these things and they work so well together! this month i am making a goal to organize all 3 of my computers and piles and paperwork so that i can spend the rest of 2011 doing the things that really matter and not stress that i can't find something or am so behind that i can't enjoy what i have.  i also need to create a weekly and monthly schedule that i can actually stick to to make sure i have everything working.
4. time out for the things/people i love: i started the year off hosting my family for what will hopefully be an annual Family Jam (more to come on that!!), and i want to spend more time loving the people and things that brought me to today. i also want to spend more time in my ceramics class and screen printing!
(more time for you too Marge!)
5. blog you mo-fo'!  finally, i want to dedicate myself more to my blog...i had an interview yesterday and when i heard the reporter say, "yes i read your blog" and realized that i hadn't updated in almost a month...i started apologizing and promising to do more.  what's funny is that everyday i am thinking of things to write, but never post...i have lists of things to post and never do-what's wrong with me!?!

well here's to a wonderful and adventure-filled 2011 and to more posting and sharing-cheers!


Anonymous said...

ummm...yeah!!! so proud to have such an awesome auntie! -nicole

Lexie said...

I love your ideas and totally respect what you have accomplished in this community. Cheers to a great new year and building that foundation for new projects. Love the picture of Marge too!