Wednesday, January 19, 2011

affordable art: canning!

i'm surprised it took me this long to post something like this...

(Old School Stationers deserve their own blog post-check out their VW bus print!)

(YES YES YES- we are getting this soon people!!!-Bespoke Uprising Textiles)

Canning is in full-swing and what better way to celebrate the love of things in jars with art!
ETSY has a number of great things promoting jar-love and you don't need to do more than step into your kitchen. Jars are everywhere, and you don't need to be a preserver to appreciate the simplicity of the basic glass/ceramic piece.
Go-go vintage: I don't want to sound Three Amigos, but there is a plethora of jar beauty available at your  local thrift store/fair. Yes, i do the 127 craziness, but estate sales, ESTY, and neighborhood shops have a number of things that is art suspended in time. i love the old-school blue mason jars, we picked up a  number of them on 127 and not only do we sell them at the shop, i also have them in the kitchen and living room as decor (occasionally putting flowers in them but they really look great alone).

(the easiest way to go is Ebay is you live in So Cal)

(tea towels, prints and bags with a canning diagram from Girls Can Tell-COMIN' SOON!!)

(H is for Handmade has this great post on different things you can do-but I LOVE this idea)
(the Ball stamp from Sugar Skullz is sweet-Santa, are you listening??)
(Nicole made me a solar lamp for Christmas, these kind of remind me of them)

(love this modern canning print from Ollibird)

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