Monday, January 24, 2011

farmers' market contest: Jan 2011

So missed going to Hollywood-the crazy holiday season and patchwork kept me away for more than 2 months!! Yesterday however, I was able to sit at the table and do a few hours (and see Kevin-missed you!) and the 88 degree weather was as ridiculous as a Southern CA Winter could get...but enough about the weather and on with the blind!  The first person to post the correct answer on this blog will get a jar of GHOST JELLY (yes a jelly made from the hottest pepper on the planet!)

Jan 2011
This actor is primarily known for his TV work. In particular he is known for this popular late 90's-early 2000's show which also starred an actress that is known more for her marriage (?) than work.


Elizabeth said...

Joshua Jackson (on Fringe now, Dawsons Creek in the late 90's with Katie Holmes)?

delilah said...

guess again!

jody said...

Chandler Bing???

jody said...

Chandler Bing??

Anonymous said...

oh I got it!!! James Van Deer Beek?!?!

Elizabeth said...

David Boreanaz (Angel) from Buffy & now on Bones

delilah said...


you guessed it- James Van Deer Beek, he was there with his wife and new baby.
Elizabeth-you were SO close!
i should be back at the market next month posting another contest soon!