Monday, January 17, 2011

adventures with Evan Kleiman, Kazi and a citrus class!

The typical Friday is not really the end of the week but the prepping for what i like to call the "short week" (aka the weekend). I usually try to finish the weeks work and prep for classes and events that happen in the next 2 days with an evening cocktail at the computer to make me feel like i am having a night on the town!
(BEWARE: awesome Friday ahead...)
This past Friday was a little different though. I met Evan Kleiman (aka: mera-mera) at Union Station for a little trip to her dear friend Kazi's home in Altadena to check out her AMAZING urban farm and work on an upcoming class.
(starting the day)
We happened to arrive a little early so Gustavo and i decided to take a little trip to Olvera Street to grab a snack and check out some cute potential presents. I've heard that this landmark area might be demolished -WHAT A SHAME, can anyone tell me more about this???
(this place served the first taquito in LA-yummers!)

(bright guitars and a ceramic rooster that i want to buy for the front porch)

After a short walk through the gorgeous Union Station that seemed untouched by time (albeit without the constant cell phone usage all around), Evan pulled up to pick me up with her co-pilot Paco, sitting on her lap ready for an adventure. Paco is her 7yr-old little white fluff-ball of cuteness (i forgot the breed-a stray that is mixed with cuteness is all you need to know), that immediately came to my lap as we took off to Altadena.
Evan has told me about Kazi and her incredible home and as we pulled up to the door, i felt the excitement that reminded me of the times i walked up to the home of Beekeeper Kelly's home: i KNEW i was in a special place. Then off i went for a wonderful backyard tour....
(Evan checkin' out the dehydrator that killz it!)

Kazi's home is filled with more wonder that baffles the mind-not only is she a classical musician, but a chica of astounding knowledge and passion of food that is like opening an encyclopedia called, "everything i wanted to know about an creative urban farm but never had the balls to think about what i could do". i probably seemed like a ghost, because the entire time i was in total amazement and could hardly speak (except from the occasional "holy shazzbah" spinkled with, "what is this!" every 10 minutes).
Kazi took me on a tour of her MANY fruit trees (we are talking at LEAST 15 different citrus, not to mention the rest), 30+ birds (that Paco loved to chase), herbs and a dehydrator that would Shaq-style-smack-down whatever you might have at home-Kazi even roasts her own coffee-HELLO!
(finger lime: my new fave citrus-MUST HAVE)

(Paco workin' it with the birds-they didn't like him too much!)

(yeah, this is PART of the yard in winter...for realz!!)

Kazi also made us an incredible lunch (fresh eggs and bread-every thing from scratch yo) and topped it off with farm-fresh soda and preserves from her trip to Oregon-what a woman. While i was in the restroom i also spotted a signed autograph from Frank Sinatra as well as sheet music from past performances-again, what a woman!
(yummers x3: our lunch)

during all of this bliss we managed to hash out our upcoming class on citrus ON FEBRUARY 12TH 11-3:30 at her home.  totally worth the drive if you are in Southern CA. Kazi will be teaching marmalade, Evan will be making a yummy lunch and i will be teaching citrus spice/herb applications (and booze). if you are interested, here's the info:

Citrus Celebration and Class at Altadena Urban Farm
Join Evan Kleiman and her friends, urban farmer, Kazi Pitelka and master preserver Delilah Snell at Kazi’s urban farm in Altadena.  We’ll walk through the orchard and try 10+ varieties of in season fruit as Kazi shares her breadth of knowledge of Citrus.  Then we move to the kitchen to make learn a basic Marmalade Recipe, a Citrus Liquer and dry Spice Mixtures.  Includes lunch.
Saturday, February 12 from 11-3:30.
Location:  disclosed upon registration
Cost:  $130

To RSVP, please contact Delilah Snell

what a great friday.....
(had margs @ gabbis in Orange after in the Jam Van, then back to work!)

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