Monday, May 3, 2010

a lazy a$$ on blogging, soon to be over!

i have been uber-busy for the past month and realized that i havent blogged in about 1 what better way to celebrate?!?
well, write blog posts!! starting tomorrow::
*LOQUAT JAM RECIPE: some of you have been asking and well i will finally deliver!
*chicken dinner: i broke my 15 year chicken ban at this amazing dinner
*affordable art: 2 local wonderful artists that i can't believe how i am able to know them!
* CSA cooking: pasta salad, update on my kumquat vodka and a toast to 3 years of CSA
*reviews: expo west anyone, i still have to review this...
* secret fork: a backyard on a dime
* new project: Backyard in a Jar:: what the h-e-double-toothpicks is that??....find out!
...and more!

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