Thursday, May 27, 2010

affordable art: anek

artist and mother Ana from Croatia has these adorable prints that are perfect for the foodie or coffee/tea drinker in your life.
a graphic designer, her prints have a very simple and clean feel to them-they automatically remind me of one of my favorite pplaces in the world- Fethiye, Turkey.
for over a month in 2001, i traveled in Turkey and on my way to the Cappadocia region of the country, i decided to stop at this small Mediterranean fishing town (i had no desire to visit the party areas located more to the West). what i found there was a small, quaint town with cliff tombs, crystal waters, a great hostel and 2 friends that i talk to almost 10 years later (side-note: we still talk of one day having a place in Fethiye).
Ana's prints in cool blues remind me of my mornings drinking coffee and looking out to the pale white cobblestones, but at the same time, reflect my current little white kitchen where i make my little food creations.

Anek also has a blog-if you want to buy the prints, visit her here.

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