Thursday, April 8, 2010

hip things for bikes

my friends at Bicycle Tree are so totally sweet-several months ago they gave me a RIGHTEOUS bicycle as a thank you for hosting their monthly bike workshop at the store.

SIDE NOTE: Bicycle Tree will be having their monthly workshop on April 24th (sat) and this time we will be having a vegetarian BBQ with it-part of our Spring/Summer festivities!

anyways...i have been using this bike, which i havent named yet, to commute to downtown Santa Ana for various goodies, meet friends or to have a drink at Memphis or Crosby-from my house/RLT, it usually takes about 5 minutes and i usually see a familiar face on the way....i really love my bike and i could not thank Bicycle Tree enough-they really didn't need to give me it.

anyways part 2....the reason i am mentioning this (besides giving props to BT), is b/c ever since i got the bike i have been noticing cool bike stuff and i wanted to share.

(LOVE these wooden crates from Arborecycles)

(Dark Cycle Clothing makes this cute tee into a bag as well)

(these tire-belts from Rebicyclist are totally punk and last a long time)

(gorgeous leather bike grips- and more from Walnut Studio, this is FOR SURE on the b-day list)

(great for a cruisin party-jDUCT)

( has a cute front basket and on sale!)

*NOW TO BICYCLE TREE'S WORKSHOP-every last Saturday of the month!*

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