Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cross your fingers-OC Fair time!

well it's official i just entered the 2010 OC Fair! in about a month i will have to drop off my preserves to be judged (did you know that each item you submit costs $5)? you also can only submit one item per "class".

for 2010, i submitted: habanero/fire jelly, basil jelly, curried carrots, apricot BBQ sauce, peach-habanero jam, strawberry-chipotle jam.

i will post my experiences soon!


mg said...

Nice, Delilah! Best of luck.

Jane said...

Good luck. I'm putting into 3 fairs this year. It's a ton of fun and more so when you get that blue ribbon! I have one fairs that costs to enter the other 2 I can put my jars and baked goods in for free and yet they are the ones that pay out the most who would figure that out!