Monday, April 5, 2010

compost happens

(my worm bin is so healthy-an old potato scrap is actually sprouting!)

for the past year or so we have been actively composting a business i really want to limit our waste and also it just seems kind of obvious that if we are going to sell composting items and have composting workshops that well....we should be composting right?
i have to admit though that i haven't been the best worm-wrangler (we vermicompost here), and our composting instructor and friend Jenna of Phoenix Infinite has a few times saved us from complete disasters...this past week was no exception.
unfortunately i have been too busy with work to really appreciate the fine are of worm composting...usually i just throw our various green waste under the "blanket" of damp newspaper and occasionally water the top area to keep it from drying out....seriously bare minimum. when Jenna came by, she said her usual, "let's see how your worms are doing" and again, i froze with panic that i again almost killed my wriggly guys.
as she checked the situ, i spouted off about 5 excuses of why they are almost gone, and that i am a horrible worm-mama, i don't deserve to compost, etc...
but i spoke too soon. Jenna turned to me with a big smile and said, "looks like these guys are ready for more room!"...thank goodness! but now what???
basically, making more room for more worms is kind of like adding an addition to your house.

1. mix foundation: basically take a coco-brick and wet it down, get it heavy with water.

(coco brick, lightweight and great material)

(add water to the brick and this is what you get-worm heaven!)

2. add some drywall: mix the coco with shredded paper

3. install the frame: add the next level of the composter, fill with your foundation and drywall.

4. raise the roof: wet some old newspaper and place on the mix, this keeps the worms nice and warm on those cold nights.

(today's Times, tomorrow's worm blankie)

5. dont forget the the food! add a few pieces of greens and the worms will travel up to the new addition within a few hours-they move pretty fast!

**if you want to learn from our composting pro Jenna, she will be at the store in April!**


Anonymous said...

This may seem like a insanely dumb question, but is your compost bin covered? I've been wanting to start one, but worry about attracting rats or roaches. Any ideas?

delilah said...

alex- you do and since my bin is outside, i have a cardboard box on top of the bin in addition to the lids and the wet newsprint under that.
if you have the time-i would go to the composting workshop we have this weekend-Jenna is so will leave being totally confident in your future composting.
the workshop is 4/10 from 10-noon

bassoonplayer said...

Dear Delilah,

I just read your article in today's OC Register (4/17) and then proceeded to whiz on the roses. Is it OK for me to do this everyday? My sisters once got on my case about doing this before and said that it wasn't good for the garden. I think it's a great idea. Are you married?