Friday, April 2, 2010

affordable art: Hi Tree

i had actually seen this artist a few years back and had planned on carrying this LA-based Tina of Hi Tree's work, but one thing led to another and i totally forgot.
while going through my old bookmarks on my computer-doing a little Spring cleaning, i noticed the link and realized that i waited too long to do something-looks like Tina has added to her line and i LOVE it!

(these can look great anywhere-office wall, kid's room, family room)

(i love these pins-these seem to be a new addition to the collection)

(if you know how to embroider-this is a cute project to do yourself!)

my favorites are the trees and whats great about them is that there are small versions and even key chain varieties available. Hi-Tree is based out of LA-she would be great for Patchwork!
to see Hi Tree's Etsy store, go here.

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