Thursday, February 12, 2009

update on the butterfly garden

last year we planted a native butterfly garden with the assistance and planning of Back to Natives Restoration- a great local non-prof that promotes, plants and educates the public on native Southern CA plants. i was just out in the lot, sampling the culinary delights of our new taco truck when i realized that the garden has really come along nicely.
(the garden, right after we planted it-summer 08)
(the garden-feb 2009!)

it smells so good and we are now starting to get little insects and butterflies, it is really nicec sitting out there and having an iced tea (even if we are sitting in the parking lot). one of the things Reggie from BTN planted was 3 different varieties of local sage, for burning and cooking. now what i need to figure out is how to actually cook with them...more to come...

plants in our butterfly garden just in case you want to make your own-oh yeah there are also teaching a workshop here on March 15th:
black sage
white sage
purple sage
blue-eyed grass

(this is what it looked like before-ugly right?)

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