Thursday, February 26, 2009

master food preserver-week 1

about 3 weeks ago we had a workshop here at the store on truffle making. one of the guests was a gentleman named Ernest, and we struck up a conversation on food. he mentioned that he was going into the Master Food Preserver Program-have you ever heard of this?
kind of like the Master Gardener Program, a Master Food Preserver (MFP)
"is a person who is educated in food preservation and is certified by a university agricultural extension. This person is qualified to not just use his or her knowledge to preserve food, but also to disseminate that knowledge to others, via lectures, talks, and one-on-one instruction."
ummm yeah! i have been wanting to do this forever! learn how to make my own jams and pickles! sign me up!
well, i guess the class is held in San Bernadino (which PS is the closest unless you live in Davis or Sacramento), so it was very fortunate that i met Ernest b/c we are carpool buddies and had our first class this past monday. i will be blogging about the class for the next 12 weeks along with what happens after.
we left early in anticipation of the traffic, thank you for the carpool lane-it totally trimmed out travel by 1 hour- mental note: NEVER go inland without someone so you can be in the carpool lane!
so obviously we got in a little earlier than expected, and we had no idea about the culinary delights of downtown San Berns. so we decided to head over to the one thing that we did know: In'n'Out. i am a vegetarian so i usually order a grilled cheese-"animal style" (which you must get if you have never had it) and Ernest orders something i had never heard of in all my years partaking in the In'n'Out experience: fries-"animal style"

are you checking this out!! and yes it was good :)
our first class-at the USDA Weights and Measurements Building, was a quick introduction to the program and a quick run-down of the what we should not be doing-making people sick. it was the wonderful world of fungus, botulism, e.coli,....basically no fun- i wanna can some green beans, pickle some peppers, make some marmalade people!
i guess we have to get the important stuff over with first-next week- JAM!

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