Wednesday, February 18, 2009

quick and easy dressing

we have it completely wrong when it comes to dressing- we smother everything in this chunky sauce (which is not completely bad, i do partake in the heavy sauce every now and then). but what we do not realize is that we are not able to appreciate the things that are actually in the salad. this is especially important when eating farm-fresh produce. here is the most basic dressing recipe that you can make that has been very popular here at home:

delilah's easy-peasy dressing:
(i do everything by eye, but for starters try this, after start adjusting and experimenting until you find something you like)

old tomato jar with lid
1 inch good olive oil
1 inch fresh lime or orange juice
1 inch apple cider juice
scoop of dry mustard
pepper and salt-preferable the spicy salt
if you have any onions or shallots, diced them up (about 1-2 tbs worth) too

-put all the ingredients into the tomato jar and shake well. this keeps for about a week, the shallots/onions get nice and pickily!

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